So, it turns out that working full time, keeping your re-enactment group going, having a holiday or two, catching up with friends, helping your dad in the garden, practising fighting and hillwalking in order to keep fit, all impact on your ability to actually do blog posts.

Which is annoying.  But then being unemployed is also annoying and tends to mean a lack of money for experiments and books and suchlike.

So I’m afraid I haven’t actually done much in the way of blog post related stuff.  I am of course slowly working on the alchemy book, and it’s shape is improving somewhat, but I need to now find a publisher.

Experiments too are tricky, in that it’s late in the year and there isn’t always enough light or good weather for them.  And I have run out of simple experiments to do.  Complex ones take more than just an afternoon, and often quite a few hours.

Just writing a simple blog post can take a couple of hours of research and writing, after all I don’t like putting up rubbish.

So I’m afraid I shall be adding slowly and not very often to this blog over the winter time, and we shall see how the spring goes.