I appreciate I’ve not been putting up the usual colourful/ on fire/ interesting fact-full posts recently, but several things in real life have gotten in the way. Number one is actually having a job. Number two is, it was the re-enactment season (Still is for some people), and I worked out that I have spent 18 days away from home visiting the 15th and 16th centuries since the end of April, being especially busy in June and July. Since that includes several hours packing and unpacking at the end of every period of time away, I have had less time to write or experiment.

I’ve also been working, slowly, on my big alchemy book, whose provisional title is “Backyard Alchemy”. The issue I’ve found there is that I don’t want to put all the stuff from the book on my blog before I actually manage to finish the book and find a publisher. Thus I have been more careful about what I have posted, and not put up a couple of posts of things I will likely mention in the book.
Another problem is simply that summarising a million word of other people’s research into alchemy into two dozen chapters, which also have space for my experiments, is actually quite hard. It is important to leave stuff out, and what I leave out might not be what you would leave out. It would be simple to write nonsense about alchemy, but writing something factual and useful yet interesting is actually a bit tricky, and summarising things well is also quite hard.
Nevertheless, I have managed to reach about 70% completion of the writing, with another 10% hanging on certain experiments, 10% drafted and the last 10% needing to be written/ sorted out. The experiments however are the problem, some need to be re-done, others have led down rabbit holes which need to be explored or ignored.

So keep watching here, I am carrying out more experiments and lining other things up for your entertainment and education. I hope to start finding an agent or publisher for the book at the end of the month, as long as I manage to bash some more word into shape and finish a couple of experiments.