I’ve been busy. Various experiments have been undertaken, but failed. One succeeded but I have yet to write it up for the blog. Others are being worked up to and will proceed once I have enough of the right substances.
I’ve also been to the Kentwell open day, since it would be good to be a Tudor again this year.
I also attended the end of a meeting in Cambridge organised by the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. The meeting was important because discussion was had about a new series of translations of alchemical works. They are desperately needed, at least in English, because so few works have been translated properly into English; many others have been translated into French or German but not English. Not all historians can take the time to learn Greek or Arabic or Latin, let alone people like myself.
So with more texts available in English, it will become possible for better, wider ranging studies to take place, updating our knowledge and making alchemy more accessible to the public, which is sorely needed.